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PPBBlogBackground_c3What kind of stories will you find at Painted Pony Books? The kind young people want to read.

Painted Pony Books (PPB) , an imprint of Prairie Rose Publications, which was founded by Cheryl Pierson and Livia J. Washburn in  2013, offers an outstanding variety of novels, short stories, and novellas in the western and historical genres for Middle Grade (ages 9-12), Young Adult (13-17), and New Adult (18-24) readers.

Reading is becoming a lost art in society. It takes a lot to “rope in” a reader of any age and hold their interest, but a well-written, interesting story will do just that. The goal at Painted Pony Books is to provide the best in western and historical short stories, novellas, and novels to keep younger readers reading.

Submissions for PPB are open. For guidelines on submitting and other publishing information, please visit the submissions page: SUBMISSIONS


Come join the authors and staff at Painted Pony Books in this exciting adventure!



  • Sarah’s Music
    by Stella Long
    Additional formats:Trade Paperback

    A children's tale of dreams, sharing with nature, and accomplishment from Choctaw storyteller Stella (Fichek)...

  • Blood Ties: A Texas Ranger Will Kirkpatrick Novel
    by James J. Griffin
    Additional formats:Trade Paperback, Ebook

    Texas Ranger Will Kirkpatrick brings a young outlaw, Jonas Peterson, in for trial in Pecos,...

  • A Ranger Grown (Lone Star Ranger Book 8)
    by James J. Griffin
    Additional formats:Trade Paperback, ebook

    With renegade Apaches and deadly gangs of outlaws running rampant in the Texas badlands, Texas...

  • A Ranger Redeemed (Lone Star Ranger Book 7)
    by James J. Griffin
    Additional formats:Trade Paperback, ebook

    The company of Texas Rangers led by Cap’n Dave has come down with influenza. Once...


Quick Reads

  • Shootout in Old Amarillo
    by Sarah Barnard
    Additional formats:e-book

      For young adult readers (ages 13-17) Halloween night can't get any worse when her...

  • Mockingbird and Big Earl
    by James Reasoner, Livia Reasoner
    Additional formats:Trade Paperback, e-book

      Middle-grade They were an unlikely team, the big, gruff circuit court judge and the...

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