99 Cent Boxed Sets

  • Punished: (A Dark Western Boxed Set) By Jackson Lowry
    by Jackson Lowry
    Additional formats:Amazon ebook

    BOOK ONE: UNDEAD The day the Yankees came and took everything from wealthy landowner Vincent...

  • Under A Western Sky
    by Cheryl Pierson, Agnes Alexander, Celia Yeary, Tracy Garrett, Kaye Spencer, Patti Sherry-Crews
    Additional formats:Amazon Ebook

    Where do the very best love stories blossom? UNDER A WESTERN SKY, of course! This...

  • Mail Order Brides for Sale: The Remington Sisters
    by Livia J. Washburn, Cheryl Pierson, Jacquie Rogers, Celia Yeary
    Additional formats:Trade Paperback, Kindle Ebook

    Boxed set of four full length mail order bride novels. Brought up in the wealth...

  • Music of the Heart
    by Tanya Hanson B. J. Betts Sara Swann-Barnard Ella M. Kaye C. A. Jamison
    Additional formats:Trade Paperback, Kindle

    Some song titles evoke memories not only of the song, but also of the time…the...

  • Code of the West
    by John D. Nesbitt, John Duncklee, Livia J. Washburn, Jerry Guin, Chuck Tyrell, Cheryl Pierson
    Additional formats:ebook

    Are you ready to ride into the old west with six fantastic tales of outlaws,...

  • A Kiss to Remember
    by Cheryl Pierson, Livia J. Washburn, Kathleen Rice Adams, Tracy Garrett, Tanya Hanson
    Additional formats:ebook

    Five award-winning and best-selling authors. Five books in one incredible boxed set. Get ready for...

  • A Cowboy’s Touch
    by Cheryl Pierson, Kathleen Rice Adams, Celia Yeary, Livia J. Washburn
    Additional formats:ebook

    A cowboy's touch can heal anything—including lost love, hard times, and angry moments. In these...

  • The Cowboy Way: Boxed Set of YA Westerns
    by Livia J Washburn, Jim Griffin, Cheryl Pierson
    Additional formats:ebook

    THE COWBOY WAY is a set of five wonderful stories for young boys of all...

  • A Cowboy’s Heart
    by Cheryl Pierson, Sara Barnard, Tanya Hanson, Beverly Wells, Saint or Sinner
    Additional formats:e-book

    Hold on to your Stetson and get ready for some darn fine reading. This Prairie...

  • A Cowboy’s Brand
    by Livia J. Washburn, Meg Mims, Sarah J. McNeal, Kristy McCaffrey, Gail L. Jenner
    Additional formats:e-book

    A Cowboy's Brand is a sensational boxed set from Prairie Rose Publications. This collection includes...