Science Fiction


  • USA: Eliminated!
    by William D. Nash
    Additional formats:Trade paperback, Kindle Ebook

    Jack Slater has chased UFOs his entire life—and now, he’s found one! It’s real, it’s...

  • Search for the Storm Maker (Polarity Book 2)
    by C. A. Jamison
    Additional formats:Trade Paperback, Amazon Kindle

    As Rush James and his fiancée, Trulie Morgan, count down the days to their wedding,...

  • The Vampires of Antyllus (The Unborn Galaxy Book Four)
    by Michael E. Gonzales
    Additional formats:Trade Paperback, Kindle Ebook

    A distant world in orbit around a binary red star set, light years away, holds...

  • Polarity: Children of the Orb
    by C.A. Jamison
    Additional formats:Trade Paperback, e-book

    Rush James and his brother, Chris, are “plasmetric” people—a unique life form born of human...