• Journey of the Heart
    by Stephanie Burkhart
    Additional formats:Amazon Ebook

    James DiMera returns to his home in California after World War II, only to find...

  • Mr. Christmas Elf
    by Stephanie Burkhart
    Additional formats:Amazon ebook

    Christmas is on the way, but Jules isn’t in the mood this year. She and...

  • Night of Magic
    by Stephanie Burkhart
    Additional formats:Amazon Ebook

    Night of Magic…Samhain—Dark…Dangerous…Powerful…The year is 800 A.D. on the Emerald Isle, and Prince Jasper is...

  • Give Me Tomorrow
    by Kaye Spencer
    Additional formats:Trade paperback, Amazon ebook

    Vampire Melissa Price’s heart has hardened to an empty shell of remembered love. Lifetimes of...

  • The Devil and Miss Julia Jackson
    by Cheryl Pierson
    Additional formats:Trade Paperback, Kindle Ebook

    A woman with no home… Beautiful Southern belle Julia Jackson has just been informed she...

  • Second Chance at Love
    by Agnes Alexander
    Additional formats:ebook only

      Dr. Miles Kerry and his nurse, Cora Hilliard, have both given up on finding...

  • Outlaw Heart
    by Tanya Hanson
    Additional formats:Trade Paperback, ebook

    When ex-outlaw Bronx Sanderson arrives in Leadville, Colorado, he has plans to make a new...

  • Robbing Banks, Stealing Hearts
    by Kathleen Rice Adams
    Additional formats:e-book

    Everyone should have career at which they excel. At failing to commit crimes, nobody is...

  • The Dumont Brand
    by Kathleen Rice Adams
    Additional formats:ebook

    Two stories in one volume. On the eve of the Civil War, family secrets threaten...

  • Hidden Trails
    by Cheryl Pierson
    Additional formats:e-book

    Levi Connor has never run from anything in his life, and he doesn’t intend to...