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PRAIRIE ROSE PUBLICATIONS (PRP) is a publishing company devoted to publishing westerns and western romances written about women. The company was opened in August 2013 by LIVIA J. WASHBURN and CHERYL PIERSON, two authors who saw a need for such an imprint. Usually, when people think “westerns” they think of male authors and male readers, but that’s not true in today’s world. Many women are just as interested in reading—and writing—westerns as their male counterparts; and of course, western romance has always been popular among the ladies!

PRP also offers a wide array of publishing opportunities for both women and men alike through five imprints. For more information, click on the imprint's title.

Sundown Press – publishes traditional westerns, fiction, and non-fiction, including reference books, biographies, and fiction based on real-life characters.

Fire Star Press – publishes works in contemporary, mystery, futuristic, paranormal, and fantasy genres, as well as the historical time period from pre-WWI through the 1980s.

Tornado Alley Publications – publishes novels, novellas, and short stories for younger readers in the contemporary, sci-fi, paranormal, mystery, and fantasy genres, as well as the historical time period from pre-WWI through the 1980s.

Painted Pony Books  – publishes novels, novellas, and short stories for younger readers in the western and historical genres.

Prayers and Promises Publications – publishes inspirational fiction that uplift and entertain readers with stories about people overcoming diversity through faith

(PRP, Imprints, and Calls for Submission)

PRP is looking for well-written stories that make readers want to come back for more. PRP is looking for well-drawn characters, plots that unfold deliciously as you’re telling your story, and endings that take place when the tale is over, not when the word count is up.

Since Cheryl and Livia are authors in addition to wearing publishing hats, they count on you to be acquainted with the comma and have shaken hands with quotation marks at some point.

That is to say, they are counting on you to know punctuation and grammar, story development, and to know it takes more than the basics to write a memorable story. In other words, the publishers expect your manuscript to be polished when you submit it.

Specifically, this means:

  • You are responsible for having your manuscript edited and proofread prior to submitting.
  • PRP will perform light editing/proofreading to look for typos, minimal punctuation corrections, and minimal grammar and style corrections.
  • PRP will NOT edit for deep character or plot development or for significant grammar, style, and punctuation in your manuscript.

While PRP does not endorse specific editing and/or proofreading services, there are many services from which to choose that will fit your writing needs and budget. You are best served to pursue this prior to submitting to PRP.

Manuscript Format

  • 12 pt. font, Black type, Times New Roman
  • Double spaced
  • One-inch margins
  • Attached in .doc or .rtf format

Novels and Novellas (30,000 and over)

Shorter Works (10,000 to 29,999 words)

  • E-mail a query letter to: Editor in Chief, Cheryl Pierson, at
  • Add in the subject line: SUBMISSION to [insert appropriate Imprint]
  • Include a brief synopsis
  • Attach the completed manuscript with a cover letter that includes your name, pen-name if used, address, and email.
  • Note: Query only one manuscript at a time. Out of courtesy to the publishers, please state whether this is a multiple submission, and if it is presently available to buy on Amazon.

Print and Digital Publication, Anthologies, Collections, Boxed Sets

PRP publishes writing projects  in all of the Imprints. Digital format as well as print copies WILL be available for projects that are novel and novella length—30,000 words and over. Short stories will be available in digital format, only—10,000 to 29,999 words. The exception is anthologies, which will be available in both formats. Anthologies are popular with readers because they’re a good way to become acquainted with writers readers have not read before, and anthologies give each contributor a chance to increase her or his fan base. Submissions to anthologies are announced throughout the year. Novels included in boxed sets and collections are chosen at the marketing discretion of the publishers.

PRP looks to provide excellent, entertaining stories for readers who enjoy a good story whether there’s a bit of romance, none at all, or a whole lot of it. No erotica, please.


Authors have the opportunity to give some input into their covers, but the final say remains with the publishers. Livia does some fantastic cover art, and she is glad to work with each author, within reason, to give each author a cover they love and are proud of.


The cost of  the images that are bought for your cover will be recouped first before any royalties are paid, meaning that PRP will be responsible for 30% of the images, and the author 70%. After that, 30% of net royalties will go to PRP, and the rest will go to the author. In the case of an anthology, boxed set, and/or collection, 30% of the net royalties will go to the publisher, and the remaining 70% will be split equally among the number of contributors. Royalties are paid quarterly.

Publicity, Promotions, and Marketing

While authors must assume most of the marketing, promoting, and publicity for their works themselves, PRP publicity on the PRP webpage and blogs, social media announcements of new releases, special events promotions, newsletter mentions, and other marketing opportunities as they arise.

Prairie Rose Publications looks forward to working with new and established authors.

We do not accept stories or novels that are currently published.

Questions? Send an E-mail to: