The Tempestuous Debutante (Cotillion Ball Saga Book 4)

Jasmine Fitzpatrick is determined to outshine the other debutantes this season at the Cotillion Ball—but how can she attract a husband without a new wardrobe? Her father has decreed she will be relegated to the gowns from her season the previous year—cut short by a broken ankle. Even before the glittering society season begins, impetuous Jasmine sets her sights on a man she’s never met—simply because he has an English title. Never mind he’s nearly twice her age—Alistair Wickersham, the Viscount of Pemberley, would certainly never let her be seen wearing last year’s gowns!

Jasmine and her mother, Charlotte, hatch a scheme to get the viscount to take note of Jasmine, but there are more than a few obstacles to overcome—the main one being a wealthy young widow who has already captured Alistair’s attention.

Parr O’Shaughnessy, the viscount’s handsome business partner, loses his heart the very moment he meets vivacious, spirited Jasmine. But she makes it clear to him she’s after a titled marriage—to the viscount. Parr knows he somehow must steer clear of Jasmine—or his love for her could topple his loyalty to the viscount, ruining their friendship and business dynasty.

When tragedy looms, will Jasmine see where her heart really lies? Winning Jasmine’s love could mean losing everything else Parr holds dear, but how can he live without THE TEMPESTUOUS DEBUTANTE?

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