Blood On Bull’s Run

Blood On Bull’s Run Crisp WebWhen Jed Deming sets out to bring home a beautiful runaway, he soon has his horse stolen and finds himself being chased by Paiute Indians. Wounded and barely able to make his escape, he comes upon a friendly camp that turns out to be not-so-friendly—leaving him at the mercy of a ruthless cutthroat gang of outlaws. But Jed has made a promise to Selena’s mother to find her—and though he’s young and inexperienced, he’s got more determination than many men twice his age.

Killing outlaws is not what he set out to do, but sometimes, a man has to test his own mettle to know what he’s worth… Will Jed be able to keep his word to find Selena in the rough mining camps she’s run to? His future depends on his success—and her decision to return with him, or stay with the life she’s chosen. The letter in his pocket explains everything—if Jed lives long enough to find Selena amid the BLOOD ON BULL’S RUN…

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