A Moment in Time

Jake Houser’s relief at returning home to Chicago after a business trip to Japan is short-lived when he’s involved in a horrific accident that kills his taxi driver and leaves him in a coma. As Jake’s life hangs in the balance, a beautiful young woman, Ava Andersen, comes to him and asks for his help. She must keep a promise made to loved ones, and Jake feels he must try to do what he can.

Through his meetings with Ava, he gleans bits and pieces of information…but in his temporary station between life and death, it seems there’s nothing he can do to help Ava with her quest to let her parents know what happened to her.

With the care of a young private nurse, Sara Clemmons, Jake slowly begins to recover. Will Sara help him fulfill the promise he’s made to help Ava—or will she believe he’s lost his sanity? Even Jake wonders how a ghost can communicate between two worlds…but he’s lived it, and he knows it’s real.

With Sara at his side, Jake sets out to find the people Ava held dear—and give them the message she’s asked him to deliver. For Jake, this is A MOMENT IN TIME provided by Fate…

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