The Prodigal (Friendly Creek Book 5)

When Ed McPherson returns to Friendly Creek, he isn’t sure what to expect. Running away from Friendly Creek as a young teen, he was forced to live a hand-to-mouth existence on the road. Coming back to this town might be his biggest mistake yet, but it’s the only home he’s ever known. Though he’d never been religious, hearing the story of the Prodigal Son got him thinking. Going back to face the harsh uncle who raised him for many years most likely won’t end well, but there’s only one way to find out, and he plans to get some answers.

Fleeing a family scandal in Baltimore, Daphne Statler runs as far away as she can get along with her friend, Suzette Gleeson. Daphne plans to meet her sister, Clarice, in Friendly Creek, and Suzette is escaping from her overbearing mother and her nefarious plans to marry Suzette off to a man she does not love. But when they arrive in Friendly Creek, they quickly discover that Daphne’s sister has been murdered, her baby daughter, Josie, surviving and rescued by Ed.

Despite this tragedy, Ed and Daphne are attracted to one another, and when an attempt is made on Daphne’s life, Ed vows to protect her and little Josie, no matter what. The killer must be identified and locked up—but where do they begin to look? A letter from Clarice could hold all the answers and allow them to solve the mystery of Clarice’s death and the failed attempt on Daphne’s life.

Will Ed be able to find the happiness he seeks with Daphne in Friendly Creek? How can they begin a life together until Clarice’s murder is solved? Is there a future in Friendly Creek for THE PRODIGAL?

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