The Millionaire (Friendly Creek Book 4)

Dylan Abernathy’s tyrannical grandmother dies, leaving him her fortune—all amassed by deceitful and unsavory business practices. Even worse, he discovers she’s lied to him his entire life about his father, even conspiring to kill the man to keep Dylan from learning what she’s done. But with her death and Dylan’s new-found knowledge, he sets out on a mission to find his father—and see what kind of man he is.

Dylan, his housekeeper Redella, and his cook Bernice, set out for Friendly Creek where his father was last known to live—but the journey from Baltimore to Wyoming holds many surprises for the three of them. When they reach Friendly Creek, Dylan sets about righting the wrongs his vengeful grandmother caused. Finding his father leads him to discover there is much more to the secrets of his birth than he ever could have guessed.

When Dylan is almost murdered, he is cared for by a beautiful young woman, Tara Ramsey, who is a maid in his household. After his brush with death, he realizes how important Tara has become to him, and begins to wonder if they might have a future together, despite their very different lives. Dylan knows he must get to the bottom of the mystery of the would-be killer’s attempt on his life to have any hope of happiness with Tara.

Dylan and Tara search for answers together, both realizing that they have fallen in love with one another. But can a millionaire be happy with a maid? Despite their very different lives, can love be enough to bring the two lovers together forever?

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