Stella’s Time: A Time Travel Novel

When Stella Hunt returns to the abandoned orphanage where she was raised for one last goodbye, she finds herself in the middle of a pouring rainstorm with a broken-down car and no gas. Homeless, with no job and no money, Stella has come for one final look at the only home she’s ever known before the beautiful old place is torn down to make way for progress.

Grieving the loss of one of the nuns who raised her here, as well as the impending destruction of the orphanage, Stella’s life takes an unexpected turn. As she explores a small closet, she suddenly finds herself thrown back in time to 1878—when the glorious old orphanage was the grandiose home of Trent Leighton, the owner of Leighton Ranch.

When Stella opens her eyes, she’s met with the none-too-friendly greeting of Mr. Leighton—a man who does not believe in nonsense like time travel. He’s certain she’s making up this wild tale—but why? Stella wants only to return to her own time, over 140 years in the future. But how can she convince Trent Leighton of that?

A jealous neighbor sets out to cause Stella and Trent trouble, but it’s the article in a newspaper from the future that lets Stella know what she has to do to make everything work out right to save the orphanage. Falling in love with a man from another time could be devastating—but if she wants to keep her heart from shattering, there might be no return back to STELLA’S TIME…

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