Yolanda’s Hope (The Barlow Wives Book 5)

Yolanda Stinson has had her eye on handsome Paxton Barlow ever since they were kids. Though she’s four years younger, she’s always hoped that one day he’d notice her. When the Stinson ranch is attacked and Yolanda’s father, Daniel, is severely injured, Paxton steps in to help—and to protect the Stinson family and holdings.

But Paxton is shocked to realize that Yolanda is all grown up—not the little girl he remembers from their growing-up days. And his beautiful neighbor has the power to make Paxton see red when she looks at another man! A confirmed bachelor, now the youngest Barlow brother is confronted with a decision he never thought he’d have to make.

With more attacks on the Stinson ranch, Paxton vows to get to the bottom of what’s going on—and as the sinister plot unfolds in unimaginable ways, he and Yolanda find themselves in a desperate situation.

But some hard losses bring Paxton and Yolanda together in an unbreakable bond of trust and love. As they fight together to hold on to the legacy Yolanda’s father worked so hard to build, can they also hope to make something of their own? Can Paxton promise Yolanda a future, and be the answer to YOLANDA’S HOPE?

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