Stalking Her Dreams (A Coverton Mills Romance Book 1)

At a book signing, Heather Masterson, a successful mystery author, comes face-to-face with a successful rancher who bears the name of one of her fictional characters. The “real” Alex Hargrove is fascinated by Heather, and she is just as captivated by him.

They both believe that they are fated for one another as their feelings evolve quickly, and a simple friendship becomes love in a short period of time.

But in a diabolical mystery plot of her own, Rachelle Albright, an unstable alcoholic fan of Heather’s, has a different idea of the way this story should come to a close. She fancies herself in love with the fictional Alex—and the only way to have him for herself is to rid the world of Heather.

A storybook ending doesn’t seem possible for Heather as Rachelle enlists the aid of a man from the past who’s out to settle the score with Alex. How can there be a happy-ever-after ending for Heather when someone is STALKING HER DREAMS…

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