Hero Spell (Liberty Valley, Yesterday and Today Book 4)

When pony farm manager Audra Dawson sets her mind to something, she sees it done! Though her life is filled with “everything horses,” the Silver Lake Pony Ranch in Everett, Washington, is not her only interest—not by a long shot. She has set her sights on the man of her dreams—a man she adores, despite the fact he has other plans. He sees Audra as a friend, potential sister-in-law, and a woman more capable than most Army generals—a cross between Gunga-Din and Alexander the Great—but not someone he wants to be involved with romantically.

The arrival of Doctor Joe Watkins, a handsome, self-absorbed veterinarian who is also considered a leading authority on equines, makes Audra sit up and take notice. Their reunion is anything but congenial, as Audra orders Joe around like he's a would-be cowboy who just stepped out of a drugstore. But without realizing it, she awakens Joe to his selfish ways and brings him “back” to humanity once more with feelings he’d forgotten he had, and a determination to match her own. Tensions increase, but Joe is set on making Audra his—he needs her as much as she needs him. Sometimes, in the strangest possible ways, dreams do come true!

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