Catch a Dream

Beautiful schoolteacher Elizabeth O’Malley travels through time from the 21st century to awaken in a barn in Texas—in 1849! To make matters worse, when she’s discovered by Texas Ranger Miguel de Basque, he believes she’s a prostitute suffering from amnesia—how else can her skimpy attire and wild tales of time-travel be explained?

Elizabeth is determined to find her way back to her own time, but as the months go by, she finds herself attracted to the handsome Texas Ranger. Even though they have different ideas of what their relationship might be, the desire between them is undeniable.

When Elizabeth is kidnapped by the Apache, Miguel will risk everything to rescue her and bring her home. But can he keep her in his time? It seems their lives are not their own anymore. Will their love be enough to CATCH A DREAM—and hold it together—forever?

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