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Tanya HansonA native Californian, Tanya Hanson lives on the central coast with her firefighter husband and considers their son and daughter the best thing she’s ever done. After a career teaching high school English, her life is blessed with a happy home, exciting travels, good health, and best of all, two little grandsons. Volunteering at the local horse rescue and recent trips to the Colorado Rockies and Alberta proved to her the West is where she wants to write!

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Tanya's Books


  • Heart of Hope
    by Tanya Hanson
    Additional formats:Amazon Unlimited, Trade Paperback

    Life in the little rustic town on California’s Central Coast had bored Brianna Bellflower to...

  • Claiming His Heart
    by Tanya Hanson
    Additional formats:Trade Paperback, e-book

    Caught between a noose and a gold mine cave-in, Tulsa Sanderson must do anything within...


  • Outlaw Heart
    by Tanya Hanson
    Additional formats:Trade Paperback, ebook

    When ex-outlaw Bronx Sanderson arrives in Leadville, Colorado, he has plans to make a new...


    Quick Reads

    • Sisters
      by Tanya Hanson
      Additional formats:ebook

      Two stories in one volume. Her Hurry-Up Husband Prim and proper socialite Elspeth Maroney flees...

    • Open Hearts
      by Tanya Hanson
      Additional formats:e-book

        To honor her brother’s last request, Barbara Audiss takes on his identity. Letting loose...

    • Covenant
      by Tanya Hanson
      Additional formats:e-book

      A Christmas story. Alone, abandoned, struck with guilt and grief, mail order bride Ella Green...

    Boxed Sets

    • A Kiss to Remember
      by Cheryl Pierson, Livia J. Washburn, Kathleen Rice Adams, Tracy Garrett, Tanya Hanson
      Additional formats:ebook

      Five award-winning and best-selling authors. Five books in one incredible boxed set. Get ready for...

    • A Cowboy’s Heart
      by Cheryl Pierson, Sara Barnard, Tanya Hanson, Beverly Wells, Saint or Sinner
      Additional formats:e-book

      Hold on to your Stetson and get ready for some darn fine reading. This Prairie...

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MidnightOutlaw Bride