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Keith 2_crop_051615Keith Souter was born in St Andrews, Scotland, and Clay More is actually his western pen name. He lives in England within arrow-shot of the ruins of a medieval castle, the scene of two of his historical novels. He is a part-time doctor, medical journalist, and novelist, writing in four different genres – westerns, crime, historical, and young adult.

He is fairly prolific, having written almost fifty books that have been translated into ten languages. Half of his non-fiction works are on medicine and health. The other half are eclectic, ranging from books about dice to tomes about golf, science, and tea. He has penned a weekly health column for more than thirty years.

He also enjoys the challenge of short fiction, for which he has won a couple of prizes, including a 2006 Fish Award for "The Villain’s Tale."

Keith’s medical background finds its way into a lot of his writing, as can be seen in most of his western novels and short stories. One of the writing projects he has had the most fun with has been the collaborative authorship of the Wolf Creek series, published by Western Fictioneers. His character in the fictional town of Wolf Creek, Kansas, is Doctor Logan Munro, the town doctor, who is gradually revealing more about himself with each book in which he appears.

Another of Keith's western characters is Doctor Marcus Quigley, dentist, gambler, and bounty hunter whose adventures are individually available as e-book short stories and also as a paperback collection, published by High Noon Press.

Keith is  a member of various writers’ organisations, including Western Fictioneers, Western Writers of America, International Thriller Writers, the Crime Writers’ Association, and the Medical journalists Association. He is currently serving as vice president of Western Fictioneers, a professional organisation of western writers. In his spare time he enjoys the movies, theatre, and making bread. He plays golf, tennis, and runs. As a frustrated actor, he has found occasional solace as a supporting artist, but enough said about that!

He lives in West Yorkshire in England with his wife Rachel and whichever of his children and grandchildren happen to pop home.

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