Wish Upon a Moravian Star

Phoebe Ann Ettleman only needs one thing to make her life perfect—a man to love her as much as she will love him! Phoebe has everything her heart desires—a successful career, a loving family, and lifelong friends. But her love life has been a disaster, and she’s almost ready to give up her dream of having someone to love. In desperation, she makes a wish on the Moravian Star to bring her the true love she yearns for. With Christmas on the way, and the perfect star to wish upon, how can her heart’s desire be denied? Phoebe has no idea that wish is going to change her life forever in a way she never could have believed. When she takes part in a Colonial Christmas celebration, she discovers it’s not a re-enactment, but the real thing! Granger Montgomery, the man of her dreams, loves her the way she’s hoped for—but will she be able to stay in his world two hundred years in the past? Will she regret the wish she made one starry night on that Moravian Star?

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