Wild Texas Winds

WildTexasWindsDru Beltrain is on the hunt for the men who raped and murdered his wife. Texas drovers, part of the crew led by his friend and mentor Matt Latham, have robbed him of the woman he loves and now threaten his stepson Cass, who's seeking his own revenge against the men who killed his mother.

Torn by a thirst for vengeance and the need to find Cass, Beltrain aligns himself with Latham's daughter Kate, a strong-willed woman who will protect her father at all costs. As the unlikely pair heads for Wichita, passion flares hot between them.

When they reach Wichita, they part company despite their attraction. Dru's revenge still drives him to find Latham and his crew, and Kate is determined to help her powerful father build a railroad spur.

And then, one by one, Matt Latham's men begin to die in a series of brutal killings.

In a desperate bid to discover who the murderer is, will Latham be forced to seek Dru's help? Will Dru and Kate be able to rekindle the passion they'd discovered? Everything depends on what hidden truths the Wild Texas Winds reveal before the killing ends.

Strong language and sexual content


Paperback  •  Kindle



Before she could say anything else, Dru took her right hand; carefully laying the bills neatly against her flat palm as he counted them out. Three fifties, payment for the horses, and then – inspired – two brand-new silver dollars.

The woman’s brow furrowed. She fingered the two coins. “What’s this?” she asked. She risked another smile and made a small joke, making the mistake of reminding him he was a banker. “Interest?”

Dru shook his head. He let go of her hand and reached up to pat her cheek. “For services rendered,” he smirked. It riled him she could be there and that she was there with another man.

Kate’s response was immediate. Green eyes blazing, she slapped his face. Hard. And then, her breasts rising and falling with each breath as she fought the rage, she reined in her temper. Dipping into her small purse, she grabbed Dru’s wrist and pressed something into his hand. Smiling coldly, she curled his fingers around the unseen objects. “For your services, Mr. Beltrain,” she declared. And then, her skirt flaring out at her ankles, she turned and spun away.









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