Wanted Dead (The Half-Breed Gunslinger Book 4)

The Half-Breed Gunslinger Hart 4 WebWhile The Half-Breed Gunslinger fights for his life against infection from a gunshot wound, there are wanted posters being printed with his name and likeness. A $5,000 bounty on the head of Hunter James Dolin is more than enough money to attract men to the swamps of south Florida. The ending of the Civil War turns soldiers into bounty hunters as the North feels the need to cleanse the South, and men find ways to make a living.

The gunslinger's woman carries his child; Helen will need help from their close friends as her pregnancy progresses. Jebidiah and Walt will protect Helen at all costs with their experience and grit. Bodie and Bird, with their own skills, will be by their side in whatever comes their way.

To their surprise, unexpected rivals come after the newly named Dolin Family.

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