Unexpected Blessings





When Juliet Wilding’s dreams are crushed, she cancels her wedding plans to Harry O’Connor. But Harry is not about to give up on the only woman he has ever loved. What neither of them expects is the event that will forever change both their lives.




She swallowed hard and her chin quivered, but after a deep breath, she spoke the dreaded words he didn’t want to hear. “I love you, Harry. I love you with all my heart, but I can’t marry you.”

Against the gathering pain in his chest he protested.  “Juliet, honey, I don’t believe you mean that. I know you and I know you love me. Please, Juliet, please say you don’t mean it.”

“Yes, Harry, I do mean it. It’s not that I don’t love you, God knows I love you heart and soul. In fact, I can’t marry you because you deserve better.”

Stunned, Harry stepped back. “Stop it, Juliet. This is crazy talk. Maybe you’re just scared. I promise you, I will be the very best husband I know how to be.” He clasped her arm. “If you love me, you’ll be at the church in your wedding gown ready to say your I do’s.”

She shook her head, loosening a few strands of dark hair from her chignon. “No. I can’t.” Her voice quavered and the whites of her eyes reddened.

“At least tell me what’s wrong. Please, tell me and I’ll make it right.” He lowered his voice. “Please, please, talk to me.”



































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