To Lasso Her Heart

To Lasso Her HeartTroy Malone runs the family's dude ranch in Indigo Springs, where visitors get to experience the thrill of the old west. When Troy goes in search of a publicity company, he gets far more than he bargained for. Seeing Amanda Perry, an old flame from the past, makes him curious—learning that she will be the publicity company’s representative intrigues him even more. When Amanda left town years ago, she broke his heart. Can he take a chance on her turning his world upside down again? Will she make or break his dreams this time around?

Amanda Perry thought she'd put the past behind her when she’d left Indigo Springs on the run. Now, she has pressure from her boss to put together a promotional campaign for Troy Malone—the man she’s tried for years to forget. Can she battle her own feelings and keep her relationship with Troy all business? The secret she carries could destroy him. But keeping a Malone at arm’s length is next to impossible when one look is all it takes TO LASSO HER HEART.
























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