TimberBeastKelsy Bowen takes life seriously, and she’s got it all: Family, Fiancé, Future...until she meets tall, dark, handsome--and dangerous.

Fox has secrets and demons of his own. With Kelsy in his forest, the Indian logger's job just got a lot more interesting--if he can manage to keep his mind on what he's doing.

Kelsy’s loyalties are torn. Becoming an environmental spy will ensure her rise within the workplace, but there's a price. From their first meeting, Fox manages to blur the lines between Kelsy's mission and desire. In the forest, everything changes...and the certain future she's planned is on rocky ground. The dangerous heat of temptation threatens to consume them both.

Destiny leads her headlong into the world of the Indian logger, and the dreams she's held tight to begin to fade. For Kelsy, searching for the Timberbeast becomes more than a mission as a spy--it becomes everything. Will she return to the corporate ladder she left behind--or will she embrace the unexpected life she's found within the forest?


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