This Summer Storm

This Summer StormThis Summer Storm is a collection of some of the best young adult stories out there today. In this exciting group of tales, it seems "one of everything" happens. Tornadoes, comets, hurricanes, and raging river waters are all set to wreak havoc. But just when things can't get any worse, along comes a life-changing experience in each story that is just as unsettling as the threatening weather.

Can Jo and Frog solve the mystery of the cattle rustlers, or will Halley's Comet evaporate the earth first? Will Cassie be able to undo her father's terrible mistake by getting rid of his new wife? If Adria hadn't saved Kai, would she have ever had her first kiss? When a tornado threatens, rookie police officer Steve Cooper tries to save his new neighbor Christy--but gang warfare erupts in the apartment stairwell below them. Amy's a heroine when she saves her rafting group--but Sawyer's sudden interest keeps her from wearing her familiar cloak of invisibility. Panic attacks have ruled Angela's life--until she faces something far worse than she ever could have imagined. Cassie's family life is on the verge of disaster, but when a tornado strikes, everything changes--again!

"A Current So Swift" by Kristy McCaffrey
A wilderness course on the Green River in Utah has sixteen-year-old Amy Whittaker stuck on a raft with football players and cheerleaders from her high school. When a torrential rainstorm flips the boats and strands everyone, Amy is forced to take charge.

"To Make the Magic Last" by Cheryl Pierson
When a tornado approaches, Steve Cooper and Christy Reed both run for cover—straight into the blazing guns of gang warfare in their apartment stairwell. Will they survive? What a way to start a relationship!

"Waiting for a Comet" by Richard Prosch
The papers promised death from the skies, but will wild west legend Abby Drake’s secret prove even more explosive for Jo Harper and her 1910 Wyoming town?

"Weekend Whirlwind" by Angel Drew
Cassie is excited to attend her first party at popular Lyndsey Stapleton’s house, but will her mother’s recent changes get in her way?

"Taken by Storm" by Diana Stuart
Starting a new job turns into a life-changing summer for Angela Spencer, who learns who she really is and just what she is capable of.

"The Last of Her Kind" by Cheryl Pierson
When Cassie’s new stepmother threatens their family’s well-being, Cassie enlists the help of her dying grandmother and the secret of an old Victrola—the last of her kind, as Cassie’s father says, to try make things right again.


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