The Kid in Black

The Kid in Black

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Disguised as The Kid in Black, Nell Grant tracks down the outlaw who killed her sweetheart and destroyed her future. At night, her dreams remind her she's a still a woman. When she discovers the man who haunts her dreams is a marshal who could thwart her plans, she knows she must choose between vengeance and love.

U.S. Marshal Sam Kline is sent to apprehend an outlaw. Instead, he uncovers a passionate woman hidden beneath gunfighter's clothing. How can he protect her when her hunger for revenge threatens to destroy her?


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Nell watched the marshal enter the saloon and lowered her hat. This is bad. She swallowed, her throat tense and dry. He's just as I dreamed. Her eyes followed his long legs up from his boot heels to his backside. She blew her breath out slowly. She couldn't let her desire for a dream spoil all she had worked for. Her desire would have to wait. Wait for when? When they hang me for murder? I don't want to die a virgin, to never know a man's touch—his touch.

Nell peeked up at the marshal from beneath the brim of her hat just as he turned towards her. Their gazes locked. She could feel her face flush as he stepped away from the bar and walked toward her table.

“Mind if I have a seat?” As in her dream, the marshal's voice was honey slow and soft.

Nell shivered and caught her breath as she devoured him with her eyes. She couldn't find her voice. To divulge the fact she was a woman would be disastrous. No one could ever know. Nell pulled her legs beneath the chair and shifted her weight forward to the balls of her feet. She gripped the edge of the table tight with both hands.

The marshal smiled, never breaking their gaze.


































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