The Half-Breed Gunslinger

The Half-Breed GunslingerHunter James Dolin raised himself in the swamps of Florida. Half-white and half-Indian, he belongs in neither world—and he knows it. A loner, he’s matchless when it comes to a fight of any kind—but can he outgun the private armies of two powerful tycoons who unite for a single purpose?

Lilith Montgomery is the adopted “daughter” of one of these men, Richard Montgomery—but it becomes clear she is more to him than a daughter. Hunter swears to free her from the life she’s been forced to endure, but he’s going to need the help of his old friend, Matt, the saloon owner.

When the entire town explodes in a field of fire, Matt and Hunter face a force that seems unstoppable. But Hunter’s a gambler, and he’s determined to win this bet—with Lilith and a young boy’s lives at stake, The Half-Breed Gunslinger can’t afford to lose.


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