The Gunfighter’s Girl

The Gunfighter's GirlThis is a Western Romance short from the award-winning author of Gabriel's Law and Sweet Danger. Formerly titled "Scarlet Ribbons," the story is one of Cheryl Pierson's holiday favorites.

Men avoid meeting the eyes of Miguel Rivera, El Diablo, (The Devil) for fear of his gun. Upon returning to a town where he once knew a brief happiness, Miguel makes a foolish holiday purchase; two scarlet ribbons which he hides away.

When Catalina, his former lover, allows him to take a room at her boarding house, Miguel discovers a secret. Realizing he needs the scarlet ribbons after all, he is stunned to find them missing. Will a meeting with a mysterious priest, an unusual child, and the miracle of the Scarlet Ribbons set Miguel on a new path?





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