The Guardian

The GuardianMike, a thirty-something “regular guy”, befriends an older man as an act of kindness that takes a turn he never expected. When Mike shares a meal at a local diner with Bill Crowley, he begins to wonder if Bill is demented. After all, the elderly man claims to have fought with Admiral Nelson—in 1798!

Bill has a thousand stories, and they are all convincing. When Mike visits Bill at his home, he finds something even more astonishing: Bill’s collection of antiquities. Bill wears a beautiful gold ankh around his neck—and vows that he’ll give it to Mike if Mike will promise one thing. Mike covets the mysterious ankh—all he has to do is agree to take care of the collection...

It seems simple enough, but will Mike become THE GUARDIAN? And will the bargain bring him what he wants most? Sometimes, the old saying is true...Be careful what you wish for—you may get it!

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