Tahoe Destiny (A Will Toal Novel Book 4)

Nevada rancher Will Toal is left with no alternative but to move his cattle to his northern lands to save them. With a prolonged drought dropping his animals in their tracks, he’s about to lose everything—along with his fellow neighboring ranchers of southern Carson Valley.

But moving that many cattle north where the Truckee River flows from Lake Tahoe brings a long-simmering feud with opposing formidable forces in California to the boiling point over water rights. They’ll do whatever it takes—even commit murder for hire—to protect the flow of water for their own needs.

The bitter fight over Tahoe water runs deep. In desperate need of a new water source, California has dammed the Truckee to generate that water supply for San Francisco, with no thought for the Nevada ranchers. In an un-winnable battle, California, Nevada, railroad and lumber barons, ranchers, and politicians are pitted against each other. Guns are drawn… and fingers are on the triggers.

Though Will tries to distance himself, he’s inexorably pulled in, unable to turn his back on his fellow ranchers. There has to be an alternative—but this potential powder keg is ready to blow at any moment. Can anyone save Tahoe? The battle rages, and once again, bullets fly. Is there any hope for a peaceful TAHOE DESTINY?

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