Spirit Catcher

SpiritCatcherIn the restored ghost town of Fury, Colorado, actress Dallas James makes her living by reenacting life in the Old West. One day, her act becomes all too authentic--as she is joined by the ghost of one of Fury's past residents, Boone Cantrell. Soon Dallas finds herself falling in love with the ghost--but Boone's only chance to stay in her world requires unraveling the complex web of history that brought him back from the dead--and he's running out of time.

90,000 word Novel.

Praise for Spirit Catcher

"An engaging, warm-hearted story of justice triumphing over the odds and love crossing all barriers."
—Romantic Times

"Spirit Catcher is a timeless and haunting tale of love. Their passions will keep you riveted with emotion and the pages turning long into the night. Don't miss this splendid tale of love!"
—The Literary Times





























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