Seneca Surrender

Seneca SurrenderSeneca warrior White Thunder discovers a near-drowned beautiful white woman by The-Lake-That-Turns-to-Rapids. In the safety of a nearby cave, he revives her and cares for her, but she has no memory of past events—nor even her own name.

Gradually, Sarah’s memory returns, and she knows that another young woman, Marisa, whom she once traveled with, is in grave danger. Only Sarah holds the key to saving them from an evil man who holds the power of life and death over both women. 

Honor-bound by his oath to his wife, Wild Mint, who was murdered fifteen years earlier, White Thunder is torn. How can he help Sarah when he must finish his sworn mission to find Wild Mint’s killer? 

With the French and Indian War raging around them, White Thunder and Sarah fall in love against all odds—but will they survive to share the life they’ve hoped for together?

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