Search for the Storm Maker (Polarity Book 2)

As Rush James and his fiancée, Trulie Morgan, count down the days to their wedding, they keep their alien energy alive and their electric secret safe from the human world.

But when Trulie disappears and it becomes clear that she’s been kidnapped, Rush’s life is turned upside down. Without Trulie, his energy begins to deplete rapidly, and there’s no way to control it! As much as he wants to remain calm, he knows that Trulie is suffering the same energy drain as he is—and he knows she is in terrible danger at the hands of her abductor.

Grasping at straws, and with very few clues, the small band of plasmetric teens who rallies around Rush and Trulie head for a faraway mystery island where they hope to rescue Trulie. As a new and changing energy comes to life within them, they realize that only together can they face the demons of their past and take on an army to silence a mad man.

Will they find the reason for their existence on the island paradise—or will their journey end in death—as they race against the clock in the SEARCH FOR THE STORM MAKER?

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