Protecting Her Heart (Men of Maine Series Book 4)

After years on the run from her past, Rose Kelley is happily settled in Webster, Maine. Content to stay in the background for safety’s sake, she has learned to hide any hint of being a young, vibrant woman. But when she finds a dead animal on her porch, she fears her abusive stepfather has found her, despite her precautions. Though Rose has learned not to trust anyone, she must turn to the one man who can help her—the local game warden.

Drew Zimenski has dedicated his life to making a difference wherever he can—and being a game warden enables him to do just that. Rose Kelley needs his help, but she is a puzzle to him—she goes out of her way to hide her beauty, but his body is on red hot alert every time they come into contact. A gruesome discovery at her house has Drew charging in like a knight in flannel armor—and he’s determined to save the lady from whatever she’s running from.

Drew’s need to protect Rose becomes all-consuming, but his fear of failure holds him back. Will Rose’s love be enough for Drew to see the man he truly is?

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