Pennytook and Peregrine’s Curse (Legends of Winatuke Book 4 & 5)


Pennytook is a war-weary Gypsy who longs for peace from the past, and wants something meaningful in his life for the future.

Esmeralda, a Gypsy trick rider, has harbored a deep affection for Pennytook, for many years. But her dark secret will never allow him into her life.

A mythological creature is about to unleash its horror and change the destinies of Esmeralda and Pennytook forever. Will forgiveness allow them the love they both search for…if they manage to survive?


Peregrine McKnight is a wildly successful musician who only wants to fall in love with a woman who understands him and have a loving family. But Peregrine knows that can never happen for him—he’s been cursed.

After a foray into the magical dimension of Winatuke, Peregrine suffers a curse placed on him by the evil Navasi king. Though Peregrine manages to survive, the curse prevents him from ever falling in love.

Beautiful dancer Parisa Habuba survived the war in Syria—but at a price: she has lost her hearing in the constant bombing attacks. When Parisa learns of a position for a dancer with the famous musician, Peregrine McKnight, she doesn’t hesitate to audition.  This may be her only chance to prove she can dance—in spite of her hearing loss.

Although it might take a miracle for Peregrine and Parisa to find love—anything is possible in the magical realm of Winatuke...

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