Once Upon a Dream

Karleigh Jordan is an old flame in Jason Malone’s past that he’s never forgotten. But the bitterness her father, Marcus, has exuded toward the entire Malone family after the death of Karleigh’s brother has finally reached a boiling point. When Marcus suffers a debilitating heart attack, Karleigh must try to fill his shoes and run the Flying J Ranch alone.

Karleigh discovers a huge debt that her father is having trouble paying, a crooked ranch foreman, and the overpowering fear for her father’s precarious health—and if that weren’t enough, there are cattle rustlers on the prowl.

Jason steps in to help Karleigh with whatever he can, and they discover their love is untainted by Marcus Jordan’s bitter accusations, even five years later. As their relationship flames to life from the burning embers of the past, Jason swears to help Karleigh hang on to the Flying J—even if it means taking a drastic step neither of them had planned or anticipated. This might be the beginning of the life they’d both hoped for—ONCE UPON A DREAM…

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