My Noble Knight

My Noble Knight Cynthia Breeding WebBeautiful Deidre of the Languedoc is on a mission—she must search Scotland for the precious Philosopher’s Stone that has been stolen from her priestess mother—upsetting the natural rhythm of the religion of the Goddess. Separated from her escort and caught up in the spectacle of the fires of Beltane revelry, Deidre is saved from rape by a divinely handsome archangel complete with sword—Gilead MacOengus, the son of a powerful laird.

But once Gilead takes Deidre to the castle for safety, she is in more danger than she’s ever been before. Her would-be rapist, Niall MacDouglas, vows to have Deidre at all costs—and Gilead’s father, Angus, promises her to the cruel MacDouglas in order to prevent war. The strong-willed seeress must find a way to keep the wedding from happening—she’s falling in love with Gilead, and her time to find the secret location of the Philosopher’s Stone is short.

Though Deidre’s romantic heart yearns for the fables of Camelot to have some foundation in reality, she is disappointed again and again—is there not one noble knight in all of Scotland? The truth can only be revealed with the discovery and return of the Philosopher’s Stone to its rightful place. Only then can true love be brought into balance for Deidre and the one she claims as MY NOBLE KNIGHT…

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