Music of the Heart

Music of the Heart BoxSome song titles evoke memories not only of the song, but also of the time…the era…the place. They call for stories all their own, and at Fire Star Press they’ve inspired a new boxed set!

From the 1940’s through the 1980’s, each decade is represented by a song that was made powerhouse-popular during the time.

In Tanya Hanson’s “NEARBY”, two lonely people in war-time wish for “Someone to Watch Over Me”—but they may be surprised to know who that “someone” is.

Racial tension divides a small town in LOVE AND PREJUDICE by B.J. Betts when two young people wonder what could happen “If I Loved You”…

Can true love happen in “This Magic Moment” when two young lovers fall for one another at CRAZY HORSE HIGH by Sara Swann-Barnard?

Ella M. Kaye’s A MELODY IN THE DARK turns near-tragedy into something “Wonderful Tonight” for a young Pittsburgh couple.

In C.A. Jamison’s A DANCE TO REMEMBER, a burning-hot one night stand with The Phantom, a male stripper, leaves a beautiful fashion designer with one thought—“I’m On Fire”…

Pull up a chair and settle in for five music-inspired love stories through the decades that will take you down a breathless walk through memory lane…

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