Morgan’s Redemption

MorgansRedemptionWhat starts out as a simple trip to Willow Bottoms, Texas, for supplies turns into something rancher Morgan Banning never counted on. When he hires two drifters to work at the Rocking B, he soon discovers they keep a secret that he never suspected—one of them is the most beautiful woman he’s ever met. As he tries to keep his emotions for Shaina Miller in check, danger strikes the Rocking B when a disgruntled former employee, Buck Henson, decides to exact his bloody revenge. Morgan knows he is the only man who can stop Henson and his blood-thirsty partners. He has no choice but to ride out to save three young girls who have been kidnapped, but how can he leave the Rocking B unprotected?

In a final showdown, Morgan and Shaina fight side by side to protect the ranch, their families, and the young women who have endured so much—but will it all be for nothing? They are outnumbered, out-gunned, and out of luck. Will the town of Willow Bottoms rally in time to show their true colors, and lead to MORGAN’S REDEMPTION?

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