Montana Heartbeat

What kind of man will make a worthy husband? Beautiful Carrie Berrymen knows it’s not the half-wild Crow Indian who’s just saved her life! With wolves circling the prized longhorn calf and its mother, Carrie finds herself without a weapon. In the Montana wilds, Strong Eagle is the only protection she or the small, but all-important herd of runaway cattle has—and she must depend on the Crow warrior, like it or not.

Strong Eagle can’t deny the instant attraction he feels for the young woman who has taken on so much responsibility for her family’s well-being. The settlers are changing Montana—and not for the better. Though Strong Eagle admires Carrie’s courage and determination, he knows there can be no future for them—not with the differences in the ways of their people.

But as their younger brothers find common ground, Carrie and Strong Eagle learn that, though their worlds are different, they are becoming more alike than they ever thought. With the mountains in their blood, can they share the language of love in the same MONTANA HEARTBEAT?

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