Miss Kathryn’s Gamble

Hired sight unseen as a housekeeper for widower Matt Sellers, prim Boston spinster Kathryn Bathhurst discovers they are both in for a surprise. Not only is Kathryn unexpected, she is unwanted by the handsome rancher who is still shattered by his wife’s death. On top of that, Matt is angry that his best friend has arranged for Kathryn’s surprise entrance into his life.

But Matt’s six children are so welcoming and needy that they steal Kathryn’s heart immediately. No matter how rude and distant Matt is to them all, Kathryn cannot abandon them to the hand-to-mouth drab existence they suffered through before she arrived. Kathryn understands them—she came from a life of drudgery and mistreatment herself, and she plans to make the most of this new life she’s come to—with or without Matt Sellers’s help!

It’s going to take some charm and wit to convince Matt that Kathryn belongs with his family. When he threatens to send his pretty new housekeeper back to Boston, Kathryn cleverly maneuvers him into a bargain:  If she can beat him in a challenge of his choice, he must allow her to stay.  He chooses an archery contest—and he’s positive he will win.

Now, everything depends on MISS KATHRYN’S GAMBLE!

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