Lydia’s Redemption

Lydia Patterson is on the run with no place to go but Hatchet Springs, Arizona, where her sisters live. When her husband, Bradly, is killed, Neville Redford, his business partner in the saloon he owned, is all too anxious to see Lydia remarried—to him! But Lydia has never trusted him, and when his sister Cara suggests Lydia work in the bordello above the saloon, she knows she has to flee Savannah immediately.

Lydia’s sisters, Drina and Hannah, have found happiness in Hatchet Springs, and Lydia needs a place to think about what life holds for her next. When a handsome preacher, Caleb Burkhart, and his young son, Matthew, board the stage, Lydia finds herself falling for the clergyman. Could there be a future for a former saloon owner with a man of God?

But evil is on her trail in the form of the Neville and Cara Redford, each with their own schemes. Will happiness elude Lydia forever? How can God love someone like her—and how can Caleb? It seems that the Redfords will be successful in their plans after all…but will Fate allow it? Will love truly conquer all in LYDIA’S REDEMPTION?

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