Livin’ on Jacks and Queens: An Anthology of Gambling in the Old West

Are you a gambler at heart? What kind of wagers would you make—and just how much would you be willing to risk in a game of chance?

is an unusual collection of eleven traditional western stories that all have one thing in common—a high stakes bet! This anthology contains stories by some of today’s award-winning western authors, including Robert J. Randisi, Johnny Boggs, Rod Miller, John Nesbitt, Phil Dunlap, Christine Matthews, Lori Van Pelt, Charlie Steel, Jerry Guin, Chuck Tyrell, and Randy Lee Eickhoff.

How far would you go to see an old score settled? Would you wager your savings, a precious gem, or your very life? Settle into your easy chair with this set of stories to experience the vicarious chances—and risks—of a lifetime—LIVIN’ ON JACKS AND QUEENS!

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