Lassoing a Bride

Lassoing a BrideSome brides are hard to get a rope on, for sure! But in these wild west romance tales, being married is like sugar and lots of spice—with a dash of pepper in the mix! Ain’t nothin’ tame about these brides, who have a delicious story of their own—each falling under the spell of a handsome devil she thought was out of her reach. Unanswered prayers, broken dreams and unexpected circumstances are sometimes the best way for a groom to get the gal he loves when he’s looking at Lassoing a Bride!

"Prettiest Little Horse Thief" by Gail L. Jenner
Sometimes it’s the stolen and unexpected love that has the power to heal a broken heart

"Unexpected Blessings" by Sarah J. McNeal
A broken dream…a cancelled wedding…and an unexpected blessing.

"No Less Than Forever" by Tracy Garrett
Love always finds a way…

"The Bank Robber's Lament" by Sara Barnard
Smith found equal amounts of both anonymity and trouble in Gabriel's Settlement. But when he sets eyes on a beautiful woman and her young daughter who are being abused, might some other emotion be fated to bloom in that desert town of far west Texas?

"The Bride and the Badge" by Livia J. Washburn
Was Emily just bait for an outlaw trap—or did she mean more than that to the handsome Texas Ranger?


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