Kendra’s Search (The Barlow Wives Book 4)

When Kendra Fullerton’s father declares he’s moving the family from Philadelphia to far-away England, she and her younger sister, Francine, rebel. They escape by taking a long journey of their own—to Wyoming! Kendra knows her father has carried on a long-time affair with her best friend’s mother—could she and her best friend, Patrice, actually be half-sisters? Now, Kendra and Francine head to Wyoming for a visit with Patrice to search for the truth. But nearing her destination, a train wreck introduces her—in a most embarrassing way—to a handsome, but confirmed, bachelor, Garrrison Barlow.

To make matters worse, she learns that Garrison’s twin brother is married to Patrice—and he’s not about to let her forget what happened. But Kendra cannot deny the instant attraction she feels sparking between Garrison and herself—in spite of their unorthodox first meeting.

Only a few days into Kendra’s visit, Kendra’s mother arrives from New York with an ominous man, Oliver Quizenberry, who she is determined Kendra will marry.

Kendra has no intention of wedding the strange man her mother is forcing on her. Though Garrison tries to remain steadfastly uninvolved emotionally, he is determined to protect Kendra. But Quizenberry hides a sordid and dangerous past none of them suspect. As his nefarious plans unfold, Kendra understands that Quizenberry poses a deadly threat to her entire family, especially her father, who is being held prisoner. Will Kendra find the answers she needs in time to thwart Quizenberry’s plot? Can Garrison protect the woman he’s fallen for? In an intricate web of deceit, what lies at the end of KENDRA’S SEARCH…

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