The Battle of Broken Moon (The Unborn Galaxy: Book Two)

In the Battle of Broken Moon, you'll experience action, intrigue, deception, murder, and war. But you will also find friendship,loyalty, dedication, and love.

Some old friends from Book 1, Dark Moon Rising, are back, and you'll watch as they struggle to survive and aid others amidst the ravages the Lunar quake wrought upon the Joint International Lunar Laboratory, JILL, the world's first off world settlement.

As the emergency situation worsens, dark forces arrive to attack the base with a nuclear weapon, and charge in with weapons blazing, taking no prisoners.

But, who are these invaders, why attack the Moon, and what is it they want?

So, what is victory? If you, dear reader, come away with a pounding pulse, if you're eager to turn to the next page, if at times you gasp--then I, your humble author, declare victory in--"The Battle of Broken Moon!"

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