I Dream of You

Kyle Red Sky has dreamed of the woman with fire in her hair, but when she comes to Hazard, Wyoming, something dark and dangerous follows her. She is reclusive, avoids men, and wears a scarf around her neck to hide a secret. When someone tries to burn down her seamstress shop, Kyle has to take action—even if it means pushing her to accept his help in any way he can.

Beautiful Mia Beckett is a survivor—but only she knows of the horror she’s fled to this small western town to escape from. Finally, she’s found sanctuary from the unspeakable evil that has clouded her past and forced her into the solitary existence she lives. To allow Kyle into her life would put him in harm’s way, and Mia is not about to let that happen—not to someone who cares so much for her.

But Kyle has other ideas. Visions and dreams are sacred in his Lakota heritage, and can’t be ignored. Mia is in grave danger, and he is determined to not only protect her but to show her he will lay down his life for her. When the demon from Mia’s past follows her to Hazard, Kyle stands beside her to battle for their future. Love has never been more powerful than when Kyle Red Sky tells Mia, “I DREAM OF YOU…

But will they live to see those dreams come true?

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