Hunter James Dolin (The Half-Breed Gunslinger Book 2)

Hunter James DolinHunter James Dolin is a half-breed gunslinger who exists in the roughest land possible—the Florida Everglades—and survives. Born and raised in this wild swampland, half-white and half-Indian, he belongs in neither world—and he knows it. He’s a loner, a survivor—matchless when it comes to a fight of any kind. He’s back to take on Richard Montgomery, the man who has stolen everything from him—his best friend, his surrogate son, and the love of his life.

But with the odds stacked against him, can Hunter James Dolin survive long enough to rid the earth of this evil tycoon who has endless wealth, an army of followers, and a beautiful young woman at his disposal? Going after Montgomery alone is a suicide mission, but there’s nothing left for Hunter but revenge—he’ll be the death of his nemesis, or die trying.

What Hunter doesn’t plan on is the loyalty of two friends—and the love of a beautiful woman. With their help, Dolin might even live to enjoy the defeat of his arch enemy. The Civil War rages to the north, but the odds are suddenly looking a whole lot better for HUNTER JAMES DOLIN: THE HALF-BREED GUNSLINGER in his own private war…and this time, Richard Montgomery will die.

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