Her Last Man (Men of Maine Series Book 8)


Danielle Reigh’s reappearance after being “away” for four months is something she does not want to talk about to anyone—including handsome law officer Cooper Webster. She’s more than a little interested in him, but she has to be able to trust Cooper with the story of what happened to her before she can let herself fall for him completely. Though Cooper knows a man from her past holds a place in her heart, he’s determined to be her only man. But her story might test the limits of credibility—even with someone who loves her as much as Cooper does!

When Danielle’s sister, Charlotte, becomes the nanny for newcomer single father Wyatt Jameson, she falls head over heels in love—with Wyatt’s young daughter, Isabella! But soon, Char and Wyatt realize that Bella’s happiness isn’t the only thing they have in common. After a bad marriage, Wyatt finds it hard to trust anyone, but Char is so open and loving, how can he shut her out of his life? When Char and Bella are kidnapped, Wyatt realizes Char means more to him than he ever imagined. He’ll do whatever he must to save her.

Can Danielle and Cooper put the past behind them and forge a future together? Can Wyatt manage to save Charlotte from a madman and create a new life with her and his baby daughter?

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