Heart of Hope

Life in the little rustic town on California’s Central Coast had bored Brianna Bellflower to tears that summer she was sixteen. Other than the warm nights sitting next to a handsome cowboy at his granddad’s Leaning’ Tree Ranch. Returning to Rancho Lorena to sell her aunt’s old house a dozen years later, city girl developer Bree finds that the cowboy still stops her breath. But is she over her cheating fiancé?

With the Leanin’ Tree in financial trouble, Akron McCrory knows all about developers swooping into wide, wild spaces and changing things up. But he, too, remembers those sweet summer kisses a half a lifetime ago. He and Bree are all grown up now. Will their involvement at a safe house for needy moms lead them on a path together they never expected? Even as they longed for it way back when?

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