Halfbreed Law: A Havelock Novel

Halfbreed Law by Chuck TyrellWhen Barnabas Donovan, the captain of a band of Yankee raiders, shoots seventeen-year-old Garet Havelock, he only makes one mistake—he doesn’t kill him.

Years pass, determination burns, and Havelock, a Cherokee halfbreed, marshal of Vulture City, must now retrieve $100,000 in bullion that has been stolen. Havelock sets out to catch the thieves and recover the gold across the unforgiving Mojave Desert. But before long, he realizes Fate has served up justice, and the outlaw kingpin he’s after is none other than Donovan, the man who shot him years earlier.

Garet Havelock is older, wiser, and stronger now. He understands that Barnabas Donovan is pure evil and will stop at nothing to get what he wants—even if it means gunning down his own brother. Havelock is determined to retrieve that gold and save Donovan’s sister, Laura—though it may mean his own life. It’s past time for Donovan to face the consequences with a taste of Halfbreed Law


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